Continuing Education

The continuing studies will target mainly workers or students already engage in others programs but want to upgrade their knowledge specific areas of research, statistics software training, etc. These trainings are expected to give to participants’ necessary background to initiate researches and make analysis on the problematic of Africa development.

CROP believes that one way to sustain the development is to build local capacities up to the level to have the critical mass that could initiate and sustain the development process in Africa. It is also the way to incite African intellectuals and researchers to move from the stage of consumer to the one of leaders when it comes to the forum of the development of Africa. It is why CROP invests in specifics training programs for different category of public. CROP initiates for that three different types of training:

Types of training

  • Short courses


  • Commissioned courses: Where a company or institute has several staff members with common training requirements, CROP can provide commissioned course or program of course targeted to address specific needs. Commissioned course can be run at our training center at CROP or at client’s premises. Course content, duration and price are determined in discussion with the client.


  • Individual one on one courses

List of courses

  • Statistics (Basics, Intermediate, and advanced)
  • Statistical software and data analysis
  • Initiation to research practices in economics
  • Impact evaluation of public policies