Summer Schools

The summer schools will be developed around a theme of interest for CROP. The participants skills will be strengthen in various areas connected to the theme. It will also be the opportunity to link different researchers having the same area of interest to boost the production of researches in Africa.

CROP believes that one way to sustain the development is to build local capacities up to the level to have the critical mass that could initiate and sustain the development process in Africa. It is also the way to incite African intellectuals and researchers to move from the stage of consumer to the one of leaders when it comes to the forum of the development of Africa. It is why CROP invests in specifics training programs for different category of public. CROP initiates for that three different types of training:


The ranges of subjects may cover all social sciences and rigorous statistical methods


Admission Criteria:


The application deadlines:


To submit your application, have the following documents ready:

  • A letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae