Afrobiometer round 6 – Togo: Meeting with the key stakeholders

Administrateur technique 17 November 2014

IMG_5898CROP’s research team met with the key stakeholders to help formulate the country specific questions for the Afrobarometer Round 6 in the Togo. The meeting took place on May 31 in Lome at the Eda-Oba hotel, in the Banquet 2 Room.

Participants at this meeting included important personalities such as the president of the University of Lome, the representative of the technical committee of the national assembly – in charge of the financial and economic development, the Deputy Secretary-General of the confederation of the labor unions of Togo, the representative of Amnesty International in Togo, the director of educational planning and the evaluation of the department of primary and secondary education and alphabetization, and the correspondent of Radio France International in Togo.

These key partners who were identified from the civil society, academia and education, media, and politics, joined the CROP research team to define and discuss all issues of national interest in Togo. They will be the ambassadors for Afrobarometer Round 6 project, not only to their colleagues but also to the Togolese public at large.


In his opening address, the director of CROP, Dr. Moussa P. Blimpo, stressed the fact that we are moving toward a world where leaders must understand the aspirations of the population and take these aspirations in consideration when making their decisions. This is the objective of Afrobiometer.


The research team of CROP was reinforced by two experts in communication from the Afrobiometer network: Paula Park, from the Center for Democratic Development-Ghana (CDD-Ghana) and Gerard Guedegbe, from the Institute for Empirical Research in Political Economy (IREEP) in Benin. These two institutions are two of the four core partners of Afrobiometer Network.


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