workshop on the role of parliaments in emerging democracies in Africa

CROP - TOGO 27 September 2016

From September 19th to September 21st, 2016, experts visiting from seven African countries, namely; Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Gabon, Tanzania, Togo and Zimbabwe, met at CROP in Lomé to reflect on the role of African parliaments in the ongoing process of democratization.

atelier anjaThis initiative is a joint effort between CROP and the University of Konstanz in Germany, following a study that CROP had conducted on the African Elites Networks. The study highlighted the limited scientific literature on parliaments in Africa and, in particular, the lack of empirical work and data. This meeting aims to start filling this gap and to shed lights on the literature on institutions in Africa and especially on parliaments.

At the end of this workshop, after an analysis of the functioning of the parliaments of the different countries present the participants retained that they will focus their efforts, for this research project, on the National Assemblies while harmonizing their approaches to foster comparability of the findings generated. In addition, they will explore primarily, and amongst other things, the role of the Parliaments in monitoring government action, the interaction between members of Parliament from different political parties, and the extent to which parliaments reflect the will of the people.




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