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decathlon city concept
5 Fév, 2021


Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email. The "Munich City Survival Area” (name and range depends on the location) is filled with Decathlon products for everyday requirements, from the umbrella to the power bar. City Speed 900 City Bikes We designed this bike to improve your experience in city fast commuting, let your commuting more efficiency and agile 2,699 {4} Sports. Decathlon plans to open the biggest outlet in Singapore in Kallang in 2019. The dynamic lighting scenes with their accentuation create an attractive sales atmosphere. 2warm concept: 2 levels of warmth This 2WARM base layer offers children 2 different levels of warmth, depending on which side they wear against the skin. The community dimension of the store should have been more dramatized. For online purchases, these centers are responsible for carrying out transportation and delivery. On y vit, on y travaille, on croise ses voisins de quartier, on y fait ses courses. kplus konzept set all this, a fast-paced action-cam perspective with matching grooves, into a cinematic scene – just take a few steps up the ladder, poke your head into the mysterious cube, and you're right in the middle of it. Automne, hiver, printemps, été, pour la randonnée pédestre ou la montagne et le ski, la plage ou le tennis. Their concept of giving space for play was excellent. In general, 3D visualizations offer an exciting opportunity for retailers as well as real estate operators to pre-stage the future ambience or the assortment clustering of a property. Goods that are ordered through the Internet either in the shop, at home or on the move can be collected in the white "Daily Pick Up Zone". Écrans tactiles, prises USB, connectivité, inscrivez-vous aux sorties sportives proposées par les collaborateurs et clients ou installez-vous pour dix minutes ou deux heures dans ce lieu de partage. Cycling Bikes Training Clothing Equipment Accessories Spare parts Bike maintenance. *étude de l’IRDS (Septembre 2016) sur la pratique physique et sportive et physique en Île-de-France. Vector. Using the game controller and with the extra-large monitor in view, the customer runs through the store taking in the entire product range. Decathlon and Sustainability. Free shipping above Rs 999 and minimum 2 years warranty on most products. This is only a small part of our global product catalog. *étude d’Univélo (Union des industries du vélo), 2015. The shop window is decorated with graphic elements on foils, the walls with digital frames. Our designers created this racket for advanced topspin players looking for spin, power and manoeuvrability.The TR930 Spin is perfect for topspin players looking for more spin, power and manoeuvrability: it weighs 285 g and features the new MPO technology. In July 2017, Decathlon entered the Philippine market with a location at Festival Mall in Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa, and in Tiendesitas, Pasig City. Toutes les formes de glisse envahissent le territoire urbain. Decathlon Karijere. Our graphic designers have developed a promising outlook on the upcoming store opening. Your waterproof jacket is packed away and stored in your bag to go with you everywhere. Decathlon offers affordable sportswear, shoes & gear for over 60 sports. Marcher? In November 2017, Decathlon entered the Indonesia market. Share this story. Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, recently celebrated the opening of their 2 nd biggest sports store in the heart of Colombo City, continuing their commitment to convert people to adopt healthy lifestyles through fitness and sports. “Our decision to consolidate store presence in Ahmedabad at our locations in CG Mall and Motera is led by our focus on our newer concept store format that offers sports and fitness enthusiasts more range across sports categories, superior customer experience, and being in proximity to the City Center and Gandhinagar. Les Français plébiscitent leur centre-ville qu’ils trouvent de plus en plus attractif et le disent haut et fort. Individually designed cash desk and loyalty card furniture (including printer) are both attached to the grid and save space. Paris, France. C’est le Club House. Siniše Glavaševića 5, 10 000 Zagreb OIB: 89516372197. To design a new store concept which works beyond the big stores on the greenfield sites in a small place in the city center still reflecting the Decathlon DNA, seamlessly linking the the well-known with the brand new, the online shop with stationary retail while providing a maximum of brand experience and flexibility for the goods presentation on a minimalistic area. Minimum of space with maximum output. Et si vous n’effectuez pas la réparation vous-même, utilisez le self-diagnostic au magasin grâce à l’aide des bornes. CUBITY. Similar Images . Les bancs connectés présentent l’nformation du produit qu’on essaye. Project name:Customer:Locations:Opening:Skills: Decathlon ConnectDecathlon GermanyMünchen Stachuspassagen (220 sqm), Stuttgart Königstraße (50 sqm)Munich February 2016, Stuttgart March 2016Brand Experience, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Game and Controller Design, Instore Communication, Video Production. Decathlon City, communauté sportive, c’est aussi l’opportunité de venir au magasin réparer soi-même son matériel dans un atelier dédié. Interactive screens provide additional product information and create a further connection to the digital world. concept; construction; energy concept; cubes; community; Lighting; Designprocess; Pictures and Movies; Sponsors; Press; Team; Contact; concept. Decathlon City est le nouvel acteur de la vie sportive de son quartier. Un mur est dédié à l’affichage des messages qui vont venir témoigner l’activité de la communauté sportive. Elaborating about the concept and strategy, Sylvain Deschamps, City Sports Leader, Decathlon, says, “We are always looking for exciting ways to improve the experience of our customers and to remove friction from their in-store journey. Please don't hesitate to call us for any further information: phone +49-211-695018-72 or mail to: steigman@kplus-konzept.de. In 2015, Decathlon hit 10 billion euros for its 1176 stores. More than 160 participants were present in the event, including the country leader André WEINERT. Le concept de ce nouveau magasin Decathlon City est ... royalhamilius.com. Le do-it-yourself est bien plus qu’une tendance. Avec l’app Decathlon Coach, on peut suivre les conseils des coach. PARTNERSHIP; Galleries. Agenda. Editorial. This new brand experience idea stems completely from kplus konzept, the store concept, the graphics, the furniture, the media content and the game development. Date … Their first Australian … Le reste, vous le découvrez comme vous voulez. The multi-zone concept is based on learning, experiencing and discovering all forms of sports under one-roof and will include a Football Court, Skating Rink, Table Tennis experience areas, Outdoor Showroom with Tents and Turnball, a Decathlon innovation product specially designed for discovering racket sports, speedball or the pleasure of developing agility. We look forward to hearing from you! Whether integrated digital animation - for example an interactive game in conjunction with the customer card - or simple advertising messages, there are no limits to the imagination and our creative know-how. Following the "all sports in one store" concept, the store features Test Zones to experience products before buying them. This invites you to experience authentically the most popular sports disciplines – from snowboarding to dirt biking - by using Decathlon products. To design a new store concept which works beyond the big stores on the greenfield sites in a small place in the city center still reflecting the Decathlon DNA, seamlessly linking the the … This is why at Decathlon, we have committed to conceiving our products with the eco-design approach. That’s why, in line with the challenges of climate change and the depletion of natural resources, our team aims by 2021, to have 100% of new products to be eco … objective. The mall have more than 50 different types of sports and related accessories. Rouler? kplus konzept had the pleasure to realize a brand transfer from big to small. City leader Utrecht. However, we can feel that Decathlon is still struggling with some weaknesses when it comes to retail design. Aquafitness Swimsuits Accessories. The store, located in the city centre, is Decathlon's third in Sofia, the company said in a statement. Tags. Elsewhere in Southeast Europe, Decathlon operates stores in Serbia, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia. Et pourquoi pas une sortie en stand up paddle sur un bassin voisin? D. Everything for sports Behind the beautiful art nouveau façade the sports specialist Decathlon lives in its world in the urban environment, trekking, running, cycling and more: on two floors, the presentation, product variety and services make the customers enthusiastic. Fortunately we have our game designers who, with a lot of passionate tinkering, perfected the ideal „Run the Store“ game. Back Close Cross Training. Avec 630 m2 de surface, deux niveaux de magasin et une belle visibilité de 25 mètres de vitrine, « Royal-Hamilius Decathlon » sera idéalement situé au coin de la Rue Aldringen et du passage … La communauté se construit. Sur les murs, les écrans télé diffusent tout à la fois les films des produits ou les échanges sociaux des communautés sportives. Decathlon ouvre son premier magasin à Luxembourg à Royal-Hamilius. In the centre stands the Digital World in Decathlon blue. Cricket City Jerseys 2020 ; Cross Training. L’application Decathlon qui permet de tout savoir sur les produits en temps réel. L’invitation à l’évasion. On s’y croise, on échange. Please don't hesitate to call us for any further information: phone +49-211-695018-72 or mail to: By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies. The 3D interim visualization has given Decathlon the opportunity to use the shop window space for advertising with low budget. A vous d’imaginer la suite. Also suitable for riding a MTB or hybrid bike on paved roads. Clear graphic manuals and oversized letters on the shelves offer the multichannel shopper quick orientation when collecting his order and gives the store operator the advantage of a reduced inventory in a small area. Don't get caught out by light showers. L’entrée offre un espace qui s’adapte à l’actualité du quartier. In a playful way the typical Decathlon grid system is also cleverly incorporated, its flexibility utilising the reduced area where even the ceiling is used for product presentations. #78383510 - Decathlon sport store in Amsterdam city. More about Cubity. Located on the third floor of the Espacio Ubra. The project therefore focuses on two major issues: … Whilst doing this he collects as many Decathlon Passion Brand Products as possible, and with further training can improve his personal high-score. Additional brand experience is provided by the Action Cube. Les Français plébiscitent leur centre-ville qu’ils trouvent de plus en plus attractif et le disent haut et fort. Three designated zones presented in corporate colours give structure to the brand’s space and also provide quick orientation: blue for “Sports Experience”, dark grey the “Retail Zone” and white the “Daily Pick Up Zone”. Due to its efficient logistics and distribution, it has been able to maintain its 72-hour delivery time target. The retailer is currently testing its new concepts known as Decathlon City (for urban sportspersons) and Decathlon Essentiels, covering 1000 square meters. kplus konzept had the pleasure to realize a brand transfer from big to small. Bulgaria; Wholesale/Retail; Business; Capacity; Research on … Living space for students is still in short supply in nearly every student city across the globe and therefore remains a serious social problem of political significance. The project CUBITY “Energy-Plus and Modular Future Student Living” is devided into different project sequences each with a different … The impact of your business on the planet is an important aspect to consider when it comes to both customer satisfaction and business expansion. 220 sqm in Munich’s Stachus Passagen and 50 sqm in Königstraße in Stuttgart. With dedication, empathy, passion and a high level of expertise. Grands et petits, les fans de rollers se regroupent pour de longues balades en dehors de toute compétition. The store doesn’t just offer a superior experience of interiors and activities but also banks on digital services such as self-checkout counter scan and pay app for billing to improve … They … Project Scedule. You can also choose to receive our … 84%Des sportifs ont une pratique hors club pour faire du sport où, quand et comme ils le souhaitent*. City 9 26x1.75 Protect+ E-Bike Ready Tyre / ETRTO 44-559 This tyre was designed for regular to frequent cycling on a town bike or electric bike. Cycling Bikes Training, Recovery Clothing, Helmets Accessories Spare parts.

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