Afrobarometer Round 9 Survey in Togo Approximate Contract

Afrobarometer is a series of comparative public opinion surveys that assess, among other things, the attitudes of citizens in African countries toward democracy and governance, markets, and civil society. The surveys have been conducted at regular intervals since 1999. Starting with 12 countries in the first round in 1999, Afrobarometer coverage has gradually expanded over time to cover 35 countries in the 5th round (2011 - 2013) where Togo is participating for the first time. The 9 th round will also cover all these countries. The sample is composed of 1,200 Togolese citizens of voting age (18 years or older).

Mission Name

Afrobarometer Round 9 Survey in Togo Approximate Contract

Approximate contract value

US$ 79,710.26



Duration of the assignment (months)

12 months


Ghana Center for Democratic Development, CDD-Ghana 

Person resource : Richard Houessou

Tél. : (+229) 97891023,

Email :

Start date

Février 2022

Name of any associated consultants/partners


Name of the professional staff of your company employed and functions performed

Hervé Akinocho, Project Director

Description of the services actually rendered by your staff in the framework of the mission

- Adaptation of the questionnaire to the specificities in Togo and definition of the questions specific to Togo

- Sampling

- Supervision of the translation of the questionnaire into national languages

- Development of the project work plan and implementation schedule

- Training of interviewers

- Supervision of electronic data collection

- Clearance and analysis of collected data

- Public and media dissemination of results

- Writing of research articles