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Jimmy gives the other orphans a ride to accompany Candy to the train station where they say their goodbyes and promises to take care of Klint for Candy. The skunk Poope makes Candy's worst fears come true: it is Albert who is being carried in. "Terrius nitsuite uwasa" (Terriusについて噂) 17 March 1978 The stationmaster does not care about Arthur's past who wishes to join the workforce and there is no sheriff. But a passing conductor wants medical help for a sick child named Carrie. "Unmei o Michibiku J?jika" (運命をみちびく十字架) 4 February 1977 Though first ordering her out, the boy does eat his meal and asks Candy to teach him how to throw a lasso. Even when she reminds him that she cannot think well of him because of the lifelong pestering, he insists that one day Candy will change her mind. When trying to wade in the water of a stream, they are swept off by the current. Instead he meets Natalie and Franny who discovers Natalie has taken Candy's shift. Marsha who has been home-schooled wants to stay a few days to see for herself how a boarding school compares to it. To cross to the other ship, Candy and Cookie board the lifeboat and are rowed towards the other. Great-aunt Elroy's health worsens with every word said. "Terry" is Charlie Sanders, the gang leader Candy met with Sandra. She learns that nursing is a profession with a stable future: there can never be enough nurses. And so does Terry, wanting her to promise him that she will try her best to be happy. Susanna inquires after Candy, but soon tearful expresses her belief how happy they both must be and how lucky Candy is. Candy's hopes are crushed as much as her evening gown, and she wanders through the streets alone in defeat, while Eliza's gossip of Terry being involved with the actress Susanna spooks her mind. While she nurtures Cookie back to consciousness and warmth, Captain Nieven visits the two fifteen-year-olds, not at all amused. While Annie stays the night at the Brighton estate, both girls are unable to sleep, missing each other. Not escaping Sister Gray's notice, Candy suffers through morning prayer in her distinct white dress while everyone else wears black. Belle takes off with the small cargo train in order to catch the train to Chicago by herself. "Hāto rēsu kāten no jōshō"" (ハートレースカーテンの上昇) 6 October 1978 When she was a child, she lived in an orphanage called Pony's Home. Candy sees a picture of the captain and his son and learns his son drowned as a sailor at sea. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points. And so he does. Meanwhile, Eliza acquires Sister Gray's approval to visit the contemplation room and Candy is unable to make it back in time. But Candy knows she has to go back and sneaks back in to the contemplation room where Klint awaits her company. When Neil and Eliza leave her behind, she encounters Archibald's brother, Alistear Cornwell, on her walk back to the Leagan house. "Mayonaka no pikunikku" (真夜中のピクニック) 12 August 1977 Candy refuses and walks off. Candy cannot sacrifice her career, but tries to reason with Charlie to give himself up. Duke Grandchester is furious that his son has left the school and threatens to withdraw his funding from the school if they cannot retrieve Terry. When the train stops and Candy is discovered, she runs into a forest. They tell him that Candy is a practice nurse at Saint Joanna Hospital, and he hopes to find her there. She finds Susanna on the roof and saves her from a deadly fall at the lost moment. When Jimmy is relieved to see his father alive and realizes he caused the stamped, he decides to retrieve his honor by trying to catch one of the cows, risking his own life in doing something he is not strong enough yet to accomplish by himself. While Franny takes care of a very special guest, Candy follows the advice of her prankster patients: smile and brighten their day, instead of moping and feeling downhearted when they tease her. Candy has all the motivation to run back for Pony's home. "Kokoro o Tsunagu Chisa na Ribon" (心をつなぐ小さなリボン) 10 December 1976 "Ponīhiru keimusho de" (ポニーヒル刑務所で) 27 May 1977 Once again, he disappears seemingly into thin air once she's laughing and smiling again, paying her the same compliment as before. "Misutā Sērā oka no ue ni" (ミスターセーラー丘の上に) 3 March 1978 Diana is no older than eight years. Category: TV Series. When a gang member hopes to knife the captain, Sandra jumps to the rescue, and father and daughter make peace. Even if Archibald is not her prince, it seems that the Ardley estate houses plenty of interesting and friendly people. "Kyokutō han'i ga chikaikara te de" (極東範囲が近いから手で) 18 August 1978 "Kare no kako o wasurete shima~tsu ta otoko" (彼の過去を忘れてしまった男) 7 July 1978 Franny remains prejudiced, and the other three shun her. When she learns that Terry resumed his acting career with the Strasford company and chose to be with Susanna, she is genuinely happy for him. When Susanna Marlowe visits Terry in the morning, the landlady asks her to give him his mail and thereby discovers that Candy and Terry are in regular contact. Candy visits Pony's Home during her holidays. Anthony and Candy take the calf into town and look for a new owner there. Sister Gray decides to remove Candy from the Academy, while Terry will be confined for a week. Instead of going to Pony's Home, Candy skips happily singing back into the Leagan home. Karen believes she is a far better actress and believes Susanna pulled some strings to get the part. Luckily, the adults catch up, and while George takes the ailing Jimmy in his arms, Sister Lane slaps the panicking Candy. Asleep, Albert recalls the details of the train accident that took his memory. Before long, with the onset of a fever Candy passes out. "Mado-goshi ni pōto" (窓越しにポート) 25 November 1977 It is their final goodbye. Merry Jane gives the responsibility back to Franny and sends Candy off to the park where Candy meets an old woman who talks of the time she was in the hospital for half a year: she treated the staff badly, because she felt alone, and yet she would prefer to be ill in the hospital again, because of the kind nurses. But when the brothers explain to Franny that Candy is adopted into the obvious powerful and rich Ardley family, Franny wants the car stopped and rejects Candy for being a rich girl who only studies to be a nurse for entertainment. When Albert lies about not knowing Neil, he realizes that their living arrangement is most awkward and cannot last after he declares himself healed. He adopted her as his daughter after Alistear, Archibald and Anthony did not want to put all their eggs in one basket by leaving it up to their great-aunt whether Candy was treated as a person or a pariah in the Ardley family. To stay ahead of the sheriff, Dr. Kerry travels the mountain track to Graytown on foot in a downpour at the risk of her own life, while the sheriff is hold up at the station, because the conductor finds the weather too dangerous to travel any further by train. When Candy visits Albert at the zoo as she promises, she discovers Terry there as well. Meanwhile, the Cornwell brothers row Annie and Patricia on the lake and are shocked when they see Candy together with Terry. Then the old man realizes the tree is like a parent to the orphans and renounces his claim. Join a community with a new generation of fans, This Email is already registered in Simkl, You can choose a password length of not more than 50 characters. Meanwhile Franny begins to understand Candy's "meddling" comes from genuine concern for her safety. Candy now lives at the Ardley estate, together with the Cornwell brothers and Anthony and a closet full of dresses given by great-aunt Elroy. But the rough-sounding men have golden hearts, and explain they were only joking. Jimmy demonstrates his rifle to the children and shoots it, causing an angry stampede with the passing cattle. Meanwhile Susanna interrupts Terry while he is rehearsing for his part while he has Candy on his mind. At Pony's Home Candy wallows in her sorrow over Anthony's death. But he vanishes into thin air soon after. The messaging via pigeon continues. Cookie pretends to be on shore leave from the 'Sea Gull' with Captain Nieven, but later Cookie confesses to Candy that he was beaten by other sailors because he has no father to defend him and does not want to return to the Sea Gull. During the wait, Candy wanders around Southampton and hears a harmonica playing the same Scottish air Terry used to play. Daisy has hemophilia and could bleed to death even with a minor wound. Candy requires Tom's aid and counsel for this. Mr. Brighton takes her to the horse races at Epsom and they learn that Pony Flash, one of Tom's horses, rides the next race. FANDOM. When Candy dozes off, Gilbert steals the documents to avenge himself against Dr. Leonard. "Yōsei gakuen-sai no" (妖精学園祭の) 29 July 1977 She is resourceful and acquires a job at a bed and breakfast that goes a long way towards building the treasure chest needed to see her way towards Southampton and the boat to the US. Archibald and Alistear stand up for both girls, but anguish Annie. During her early morning outing with Klint, Candy comes upon Terry while he rejects his mother. Mr. McGregor was driven to the hospital in that particular carriage. The head nurse refuses to alter the night shift, and eventually Candy resigns to the fact that she will not see Terry, finding herself unable to leave the patients uncared for. Each "angel" gifts the rough men a kiss for Christmas. Mr. Leagan is kinder and convinced that Candy is exactly the friend his children need. The construction site and tunnel lead to a dead end. Because Candy wants to treat a wound of his and Klint plays with his false beard, Candy recognizes him as Arthur. She had a good friend called Annie. Having witnessed the fight, Patricia too wonders what Candy's secret might be. Using a torch, from the other side of the park, Archibald invites Candy over to his room for late night chocolate, Klint and Alistear's latest invention. When Mr. Cartwright visits the orphanage, he needs Candy's help: ever since a few soldiers visited the region and told tales about their trench war experiences, all Jimmy thinks about these days is wanting to be a soldier. Then the twelve-year-old Candy and fourteen-year-old Anthony decide to eat hot dogs in a diner. When Eliza enters, wakes great-aunt Elroy and pretends to have taken care of her, Archibald reveals how Candy nursed her. Dr. Martin reveals Albert visited him early to say goodbye and left in a car with men in suits. Terry fantasises that when he last held Candy, he asked her to marry him, and that they were solely separated, because she needed to think about it. Candy realizes she cannot help in that department. And while Candy remembers Alistear how she knew him in the past, from her first meeting him to saying goodbye, she hears the music box play again. Candy shocks Terry into reminding him he should be grateful to have a mother at all, while she has neither father nor mother and never will. The next morning, Candy chases after Jimmy for pelting her with a snowball and is led right into a chorus of orphans welcoming her back home. Per Candy's suggestion, Tom spreads the rumor in town that the Ardleys are cowards and the rodeo becomes a matter of family honor. But as soon as she arrives at the Ardley mansion, Neil is there to catch her and be photographed. When she sees Terry galloping through the park, Candy rushes down the emergency stairs in a frenzy and trips. The life of Candy, a little orphan girl, and her friends. We have sent instructions to the email address you provided during signup. Candy helps out at his private practice with the visitors and joins him on housecalls. "Yume no you ni shiawase na watashi" (夢のように幸せ) 18 February 1977 Both Merry Jane and Candy wonder whether she is cut out to be a nurse after all. 12 November 1976 In her letter, Annie details how Saint Paul's Academy has become a dull place since Candy's departure and that the Cornwell brothers and herself feel lost and forlorn without her. Dr. Kreis introduces Candy to Karen, who is quite upset that Susanna landed the role for Juliet. Candy coaxes Daisy outside and coaches her into ascending the tree. On her way to a burger stand to buy food, Candy covers a vagrant sleeping on a bench in the park with the old lady's shawl. Meanwhile Terry makes himself the talk of the school when he disturbs the morning prayer by his late arrival and insults. When the intimidating cowpoke appears on the scene again, Candy and Jimmy run to return to Pony's Home and find out the gardener's true identity. Though Susanna regrets to resort to this tactic, her feelings for Terry are too strong. Unbeknownst to all five students, the patients have organized a farewell party together with the medical staff. She is even farther from Southampton than she was before. Any daydreaming about spending her summer with Patricia and the Cornwell brothers is dispelled. When the wealthy farmer Steve adopts Tom, Candy also realizes gradually that she will miss Tom. Candy picks up a picture of the American Broadway actress Eleanor Baker, who turns out to be Terry's mother. A last minute rescue now out of reach, Anthony leads Alistear and Archibald in a bagpipe chorus to salute Candy on her way to Mexico and swears to himself he will come join her in Mexico. Green with envy, Eliza warns Terry about Candy's thieving ways, but Terry points out that Eliza needs to take a good look in the mirror. "Mukashi no omoide no kyabin" (昔の思い出のキャビン) 7 April 1978 Mrs. Pony and Sister Mary explain they let Bob make the crosses with names on it, because he takes pride in carpentering like his drunken father and is learning how to write. "Byōin ni ōkina toshi no midashi" (病院に大きな都市の見出し) 24 March 1978 Because Cookie was interested, Terry bought a harmonice for Cookie. Candy is not the sole stowaway. Terry pleads one more time with Sister Gray to lessen Candy's punishment, but she cannot allow for both to remain in Saint Paul's without losing their good name. automatically converted into the image Early the next morning, Anthony meets Tom in the forest to own up for his mistakes. Eliza invites Terry to dance with her to no avail. The foreman requires Candy to operate, which is a step too high for a nurse. But first Candy decides to take a detour to Mr. McGregor's house, where Miena attacked the overseer while he was dividing Mr. McGregor's possessions and now they are hunting Miena to shoot her. Mrs. Leagan visits Dr. Leonard and threatens to withdraw the Leagan funds of the hospital if he does not fire Candy on the spot and make sure she leaves Chicago. Candy searches fruitlessly for Albert. Saint Joanna Hospital must contribute some nurses to the front line, and many fear being picked. And while Eliza takes every opportunity to disparage Candy, Neil finds he cannot. Distressed, Candy wanders to the closed gates of the Ardley estate, in the hope to meet her prince. Dr. Martin and Albert come across Candy pondering in the park at the same time a lion has escaped the zoo and is prowling them. Neither Candy or Anthony ever possessed or used any money before and have all they need anyway. Terry offers his mother's dresser to keep warm during the rainstorm. Annie encourages Candy to recall Pony's Home. Mr. McGregor's turn for the worse demands Candy's attention. Everybody is in a frenzy to secure the crates, but one of the moorings snaps and several crates fall on top of Cookie who breaks his leg. When Candy returns to St. Joanna's Hospital, Albert has disappeared. Sadly enough, Dr. Leonard cannot afford to anger the Leagans and fires Candy. Meanwhile, Eliza detains Anthony from searching for Candy by dancing with him. Both Candy and Alistear hope to make Albert remember with shock and simulation therapy, but for opposite motives. Candy leads the orphans and farm animals into an insurgency against the workers preparing the cutting and transportation of the tree. When Candy learns that the Leagans have a seventeen year old son, she agrees to the adoption. Perhaps time is the best remedy after all. Please follow the link from the email to continue. But the director explains that only talent is of importance in the acting world. Mr. Carson does not become aware of his extra load until he arrives at his farm and finds all the apples he bought for his children eaten. He also expresses the desire to meet her someday. After Annie leaves with her mother, the old gardener finds Candy crying in her barn and assures her that Annie is still her friend: the ribbon Annie tied around the post outside Candy's barn is proof of it. Frightened for Albert's safety, Candy rushes off in search for Albert and gets Alistear and Archibald to help. It turns out that Mr. Steave's heart is fine, but he has to lay off the drinking of Whiskey. And the doctor of the village at their next stop is out of town and not expected to return before nightfall. Captain Nieven followed Sandra to the dance club, fights one of the hoodlums and forbids his daughter to socialize with those criminals. Merry Jane came to personally award the diplomas to Candy, Natalie, Judy, and Eleanor. So, when Albert asks him whether Terry wants to meet Candy, Terry says no, and thus Candy never knows that Terry watched her work in Chicago after they broke up. Once the hunt starts, Anthony and Candy break away and ride to a hilltop precious to Anthony. While Candy has kept her silence over her break-up with Terry to the others, she confides the whole story to Albert who tells her that he would have done the same and that Terry loved Candy for who she was. But Candy declares she does not care who the prince is, and that she likes Anthony for being Anthony. After avoiding great-aunt Elroy all those years, Candy finally goes out to meet her, apologizing for her behaviour in the past and explaining that she studies to become a nurse. When the family holds their annual fox hunt, Candy gets the honor to welcome the hunters. After a sightseeing tour in London, Candy proposes to visit grandfather William, whom neither has ever seen, at the Savoy Hotel. However, he is often absent and lets his wife deal with the children. With the help of the Cornwell brothers, Candy manages to rent an apartment at Mr. Thomas's house, but needs to resort to lying to Dr. Leonard about her living arrangements. Upon their return to the hospital, Candy learns from Dr. Leonard that Albert cannot remain there anymore: aside from his memory loss, he is healthy. Susanna claims it was love at first sight, since the time Terry presented himself to the Strasford company. Of course, Albert never ordained Candy to marry Neil. Suspecting Neil, the three young men make him confess under duress. He hurts the child's feelings, Mr. Steave loses a friend and the family name is now a laughingstock. They wish to see Albert themselves, but can do little for either Candy or Albert. Candy Candy originated from a shoujo manga by Mizuki Kyouko and Igarashi Yumiko published in 1974. While Patricia and Annie beg the boys to stop, Candy tries some reverse psychology, shouting they should find an audience and invite the whole village. His mind is on World War I. Not used to night climbing trips, Annie cannot move as stealthily as Candy does, waking Eliza, who alerts a patrol to investigate. Candy - E 113 - VF. 22 October 1976 When he even rejects her own experiences of the people she knows who survived the front or are still in it, Candy gets truly angry and takes him to a ravine where many of the stampeding cows ended up falling to their death. Though Patricia never managed to complete her voyage to New York she brought back a poster of Terry in his play of Romeo and Juliet. When great-aunt Elroy rejects the notion of an Ardley working, Candy says she wants to abdicate her adoption. He promises that some day they will meet. But Eliza interrupts them and invites Romeo for a dance. When Dr. Kerry gains consciousness and sees Arthur she warns him of the sheriff and marshall coming to capture him. Candy admits her loss, but Terry declares that it looked like third place to him from where he sat. Candy can watch the progress of the festival from her window in the contemplation room and realizes that she could have been on the flower stage along with the other May-flower girls. Candy joins the dancing with all three young bachelors, making a good impression. Arthur got into trouble after challenging a thieving administrator in a pet shop where he worked who fired him. But when Sister Mary finds Candy in tears she explains that a new boy Bob makes crosses of the people who are angry with him. Merry Jane picks the more decisive sounding Franny. Candy explains about her prohibition to take part in the festival, and Albert, disappointed in the academy, invites Candy to live with him. Unbeknownst to Candy, Terry is on that carriage, deep in thought, looking in her direction but never hearing or even seeing her. Comparing the environment of the Scottish outdoors with Pony's Home, Candy ends up spending the rest of the day with Mark and his mother, even though the sheep has long wandered back to summer school. Finally, they arrive at Saint Paul's Academy, where Candy learns the principal has been waiting for her arrival for three hours already. They laugh, they are happy and then he stares at her intently. Sitting alone in her now-empty apartment, Candy grapples for some kind of satisfactory perspective she imagines Albert would present if he were there to internalize the death of Alistear. When Neil and Eliza's initial plan backfires, Eliza involves her mother Mrs. Leagan as representative for the Ardley family. "Utsukushii raibaru" (美しいライバル) 15 September 1978 "Taibō no saikai" (待望の再会) 29 September 1978 Meanwhile back in Chicago, Eliza's plot backfires: Arthur was not found, Candy is still free, somebody else was arrested, and Archibald catches her in his room with his mail. Running down the hill and jumping over fences she can catch one final glimpse of Terry as he stands on the lookout for her on the train when it passes. In seventh heaven, Candy talks of nothing anymore but Terry. The Cornwell brothers and Annie manage to distract Candy for a while when they surprise her with Patricia waiting for her in the garden. Luckily, the maids inform her that Grandfather William is not present and give in to her plea to let her investigate. Terry escorts Candy to her hotel room before he sets out for his final rehearsal. Worse, now Mr. Steave wants to celebrate Candy's engagement with Tom. People. Mr. Brighton warmed to Candy's lively, generous nature and hopes to convince his wife Jane to adopt Candy on his next visit to the orphanage. Disguised as Romeo, Candy escapes and invites Annie to dance with her, and, forgetting her male attire, invites Alistear next for a dance. Incensed, Candy launches a tirade against the Academy, its rules and Sister Gray, earning her confinement as well as a prohibition to take part in the Festival. So, they decide to spend the money on a service. But as the train gains speed and hits a curve, Candy is almost thrown off and can barely hold on. As the journey progresses, the numbers of travelers becomes less and less, until there is only one wagon left, with just Candy and a masked wanted criminal. It is an invitation to Tom's engagement banquet. In Southampton, Candy searches for Juskin's seafaring company. She comes upon an advertisement in the newspaper about how the elusive Grandfather William is interested in coming above-ground, when Neil bursts in and tells her he wants to marry her. Terry plays a part in Macbeth on Broadway, but none off the positive reviews interest him much. Hearing the steam whistle that Belle loves to sound, the workers, Annie, Archibald and Candy run outside and run after it. "Iraiza no wana" (イライザの罠) 16 September 1977 Candy overhears the business conversation and flees with the man's cart into the forest and then to safety by hiding into the haycart of the widower Mr. Carson. At the Leagans, Candy learns that Dorothy will be sent off to Mexico as an extra hand for the Ardley property. As if that were not enough, great-aunt Elroy blames Candy for all the misfortune that has befallen the Ardleys: the death of Anthony, the disappearance of grandfather William and now Alistear having gone to France. For a moment Candy thinks and hopes it is Anthony. In his heart and across the distance he asks Candy to wait for him. When Eliza learns of this, she monopolozises the care for Terry and pulls strings to have Candy work at the medical section, instead of the surgical. Though first annoyed at having to drive Eliza's friend around, Neil looks upon it as an opportunity to make Candy jealous when he sees her walking in town. It is for Dr. Frank to decide, and he tells her no. The best tree climber of the other orphans is John. It is only then that Mrs. Hamilton understands the implication of Franny being in France. During the train ride, Candy imagines the most romantic reunion between her and Terry. But then Alistear and Annie visit her to tell her that Terry will be on the stage in Chicago the following night. He drags her onto his horse and races with it through the forest, shocking her into being grateful that she and others live. Another plus is that Dr. Martin hires Candy as his nurse, though he pays for it by not having his whiskey at easy reach anymore. More, Miena climbs in the carriage of her own accord and is unwilling to get back down, to the coachman's despair. Cookie is the other, trying for the tenth time already. Hurt, Candy defends Anthony and reveals the circumstances in which Anthony died. Terry was born out of wedlock after a romance between his father and the actress, and though the eldest son, he is treated by his stepmother as a bastard. Candy is barely interested and stares through Alistear's binoculars all night, spying on Terry's house and room. She dos not know his family name, nor his address. When Eliza discovers the whereabouts of Annie and Archibald she uses her ties in Candy's hospital. Realizing the Cornwell brother, Eliza and Neil are in Chicago, Terry becomes more sure that he did hear Candy. Candy rushes over to Happy Clinic, a substandard medical facility, and the carefree but knowledgeable Dr. Martin, who does not seem to consider Albert's injuries very serious. But after meeting the Cornwell brothers, she thinks Candy has all she needs to be truly happy: friends. Archibald and Terry have a fight over Terry's contempt for the US. Despite Eliza's protests, Mr. Leagan will not ignore two personal invitations and orders Eliza to gift a dress to Candy. Dr. Lenard needs a substitute nurse, while his wife is visiting family. Graytown promises to be no picnic. Candy decides to relax on the Other Pony Hill that renders a great view over London with Klint. Terry reasons with Sister Gray about the injustice of punishing them differently, accusing her of not expelling him for his father's donations. He has the upper hand, but when he thinks he recognizes his dead friend in the German he attempts to kill, Alistear stops firing and is shot himself. "Kyūpiddo o to shi wa" (キューピッドをとしわ) 1 September 1978 Eliza's cockiness and insolence earns her a week of confinement. 2 years ago | 4.8K views. Still, Jimmy talks of being a soldier, how honorful it is, how heroic. "Katamichi kōkū-ken de shōtai-jō" (片道航空券で招待状) 22 September 1978 Candy has to stay in her room, and not until later that night, when she investigates Terry's room and reads his goodbye note, does she overhear Neil telling Archibald and Alistear that Terry is on his way to the US.

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